Need a hotel room in California,United States?

There are 3 ways to get from Heritage Field Airport to The Pickwick Hotel by train, bus,rideshare, car or plane


Total time spent: 1 hour 31 mins

    Distance:1.5 mi

    Duration:4 mins

    Head southeast on Zuckerman Rd toward Access Rd

    Distance:0.1 mi

    Duration:1 min

    Turn left onto McDonad River Bridge

    Distance:3.6 mi

    Duration:6 mins

    Turn right onto W Mcdonald Rd

    Distance:2.3 mi

    Duration:3 mins

    Turn right onto S Holt Rd

    Distance:0.2 mi

    Duration:1 min

    Turn left onto S Whiskey Slough Rd

    Distance:13.1 mi

    Duration:17 mins

    Turn right onto CA-4 W

    Distance:3.9 mi

    Duration:5 mins

    Turn left onto CA-4

    Distance:22.6 mi

    Duration:21 mins

    Turn right to stay on CA-4

    Distance:1.1 mi

    Duration:1 min

    Take the CA-242 exit toward Oakland/Concord

    Distance:3.4 mi

    Duration:3 mins

    Continue onto CA-242 S

    Distance:3.3 mi

    Duration:3 mins

    Merge onto I-680 S

    Distance:1.2 mi

    Duration:1 min

    Take exit 46 for CA-24 toward Lafayette/Oakland

    Distance:8.1 mi

    Duration:7 mins

    Continue onto CA-24 W

    Distance:4.3 mi

    Duration:4 mins

    Keep left to stay on CA-24 W

    Distance:1.5 mi

    Duration:2 mins

    Take exit 2B to merge onto I-580 W toward San Francisco

    Distance:1.3 mi

    Duration:1 min

    Take exit 19A on the left to merge onto I-80 W toward San Francisco